Top Trends of Website Design in 2018

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After globalization and the widespread use of a computer, world wide web has to be a necessary part of our corporate world. Before 2000, website designing was quite simple and less time taking. However, with the advancement of computer technology and especially after the wide usage of smartphones, website design techniques are constantly changing. Now almost every year we see new trends taking over the old ones. Advanced design tools have made it not only easy to change the design anytime but also compulsory. Now you have to go along with fresh and catchy design to grab the users.

Whether you are updating an existing website or creating a completely new one, one thing is obvious – that you have to get along the current fashions. Website design companies and designers know this quite well. That is why; they follow the trends. Let us have a look at popular and widely accepted web design trends for 2018:

Bold Fonts and Exciting Colors in 2018 website design

Bold fonts and bright colors are the picks for 2018 websites. The layout and color scheme are one of the most important design features to keep the audience stay there. You can use sharp as well as cool colors according to your theme and subject. Like, if you are running a kids’ gaming and teaching website, the colors must be very catchy and attractive. This is a popular trend almost for all kinds of websites for this year.

Layout with Broken Grids

This was a dominant feature in 2017 and this year will still be there. With its innovative style, it gives a distinctive and detailed look. This trend will be the major pick of fashion and style brands as it gives an aesthetic look, and enhancing effect to product detail. Fashion outlets and garments store keep this in mind while hiring a website design company to create a site or online store.


Illustrations play a great role in defining the theme and tone of your website. Whether you are a serious business, an NGO, or a showbiz, there must be an illustration for the persona of your website. With a customized look, you can convey your message in a great manner while using the right illustration. Images are a major and important part of illustration whether it is product design or marketing, especially for an ecommerce website design. You can achieve both the product design and marketing with the most proper illustrations. If you could not have a great and proper illustration for your current website, you can choose a better one via a website redesign.

Shapes and Animation

If you run a website for kids’ learning and games, shapes matter a lot. They can represent a complete theme of what you want to convey. Shapes can be with rounded corners to give a soft look. These are very important in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and websites with charts and diagrams.

The animation is a magnificent tool to engage the site users and convey the message more effectively. You can give a better and clearer picture of your services with the help of animation. For example, if you give relocation services, animation can be a great help.

Interactivity, Accessibility, and Mobile-friendliness

These features will be on the rise in website design trends in 2018. With the increase of smartphone all over the world, now website designers understand the significance of interactivity. Any brand will surely like to add a short marketing video to the site because moving images are much more impactful than simply written text.

We can define accessibility as developing an interface that anyone can easily interact with and use. This feature becomes hugely important when your website users include special persons.

Another very significant thing is mobile-friendliness. Because of the age of smartphones and the constant increase in their users, people like to surf while on the go. Now, any website design company cannot ignore this fact while thinking and creating a website.

Website design companies that know the importance of these elements, create some very impactful websites.

Emerging of new designs after every few months has motivated designers to keep abreast with changing trends and stay up-to-date. Corporate and other clients also now think to change their website design after almost every three years.

These are few popular websites designing trends for 2018 to take care of while creating a design or hiring a designer firm. Expert designers keep these trends in mind while website redesign. The websites, which are designed according to the new and current trends, make a huge difference concerning visitors’ experience and response.

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