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WordPress Website
Maintenance Services

WordPress Maintenance

This service is exclusive to clients whose website is designed with WordPress. We can install a WordPress maintenance plugin to make routine website maintenance easier to manage. With this, we empower our clients to handle the maintenance on their own. We can set it to the WordPress maintenance mode and make it easy to manage for you.

WordPress website maintenance

Have you ever wondered what WordPress website maintenance tasks should you perform on a regular basis? Usually, users do not bother to run maintenance until there are some serious issues. However, we encourage you to do a regular WordPress website maintenance to avoid serious problems that can cause your website to malfunction or become unbearable for visitors.

WordPress Maintenance Services

WordPress Maintenance
  • Change all WordPress passwords regularly
  • Create a backup of your website
  • Update and check all WordPress files
  • Detect and delete all spam comments
  • Test WordPress forms
  • Optimize the WordPress data
  • Run the performance tests regularly
  • Check and fix all 404 errors
  • Find and fix all broken links
  • Review the WordPress security logs
  • Troubleshoot maintenance tasks

Why and When to Perform WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance

A powerful WordPress site has WordPress hosting, WordPress plugins, themes, and the WordPress software. Also, you add your content and images, which make the website interesting for visitors or customers. However, to ensure optimal performance, you need to perform regular maintenance.

How Often Should You Do WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance

It is ideal to do it once in three months if your site has a lot of traffic otherwise, once in six months is fine if it has less traffic. If you know that you need WordPress website maintenance services, we at Client Studio are just a call away. Get in touch with us, and we will fix all these problems for you in no time.

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