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On Page SEO

Before you can start seeing progress on the ranking of your website on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs),

On Page SEO

you must invest some time and effort on the On Page SEO. In other words, it means optimizing your web pages to make them Google friendly. Only then your website will be compatible to show on Google’s SERPs.

On Page SEO

What Factors Affect On Page SEO

According to Google, the first three to five words used in the URL have the most weight.

On Page SEO
On Page SEO

They must include your target keywords. Your title tag is also one of the most important factors for On Page SEO. In summary, if your keyword is closer to the beginning of the title tag, it is even better.

Client Studio’s On Page SEO Checklist

We always work with a proper plan and strategy. This is why; our On-Page SEO analyzer audits the websites.

On Page SEO
On Page SEO

It allows our On-Page SEO experts to identify the keywords that will help improve the website’s SEO. For this, our team members use the best On-Page SEO tools. The on-site SEO tool enables us to know where the right placements of keywords should be and then we make improvements.

Our On-Page SEO checklist

A perfectly optimized On-Page SEO checklist must cover the following:

  • High-quality content, with minimum 500 words
  • Use of target phrase in the headline
  • Include target phrase in one subheading at least

  • Use the target phrase at least 10 times, but do not overuse it

  • Must include relevant images for targeted search

  • Use captions for images

  • Mention area or country for local search engine optimization

  • Have excellent grammar and zero plagiarism

  • Have social media links

Moreover we offer Off Page Search Engine Optimization to our Potential Customers.

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