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Mobile Websites

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Mobile Websites

Nowadays, the World Wide Web is more accessible via portable and wireless devices. People need various services on the go, and at such times, having a mobile website is very good for the business owners. Designing a mobile website is what we do best at Client Studio.

What is a Mobile Website?


In simple words, it is a website that anyone can access using their mobile devices, whether it is an iPhone, iPad, tablet, smartphone, or a laptop. As a web development company, it is our challenge to design the website that is compatible with different kinds of mobile devices. This usually involves designing and programming the website design to act in a specific way to make it compatible with the different devices.

Kinds of Mobile Websites We Create

In addition to the design, our experts make sure it is accessible and loads quickly.

Mobile Websites

There are five categories of the kinds of mobile website designs we make:

Mobile Friendly

As the name implied this one is easy to use and understand for people who download it on their mobile devices.


A native mobile website is web-based and coded in a specific language. It contains separate content for a different experience on the mobile device. It is completely different from the desktop website.


This style changes physically as the user’s screen size changes. It rearranges the elements to make the display adjust accordingly.


A responsive design is more of liquid design. It conforms to the dimensions of the device to make viewing the website a good experience. It morphs the content to make the view better.


This design of the mobile site is such that it displays only on specific devices. We have to create a separate design according to the target device. Moreover, the content displayed on the device is only essential and loads quickly. Such a design does not look good on a desktop.

Tips for Mobile Development

Before getting started, here are some questions you need to consider:

Mobile Websites
  • Is your website among those trending online?
  • What is your target market?
  • What device would your main target market use to access your mobile application?
  • What is the content strategy for the mobile design?
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