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Email Marketing Trends at Client Studio

Email Marketing

Since a few years, people have depended on emails, social media networks, and search engines as sources of information or communication. According to a research, more than 4 billion people used email as of 2017 and the prediction is that it will increase by 4% in the year 2018.

Therefore, despite having so many means of communication, emailing is still alive. It is getting stronger over the period due to the high demand for email marketing trends. More than 60% marketers prefer to send emails to their customers as taking it the most effective channel to reach out. We at client studio make sure you are provided with the best services for email marketing and how to enhance it over the period. We know what makes the email marketing WordPress interesting so that it is catchy to the customers.

email marketing trends

What to Expect with Email Marketing Open Source?

We make sure to catch the target customers by making an engaging email, which is fun to read.

Email Marketing

The team of experts at client studio makes sure they are creative in work, which works as the best approach towards the customers.

We believe that the effectiveness of email marketing is necessary in order to make it successful. Interactive emails leave a long-lasting impact on the customers. The targeted audience loves to view photos, bars, buttons, galleries and much more. This trend will keep on going for the next few years as well.

It is a myth that email marketing is dead and no one refers to the email anymore. However, people rely on emails for the exchange of any document or subscriptions.

We arrange the email marketing conferences to interact with our clients and make sure to fulfill all their needs by following a strategy suitable for the website. The team at Client Studio explains how to email marketing strategy to the client in detail so that both are on the same page.

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Email Marketing Dead? Not Yet!

The best email campaigns are made by our team at Client Studio, So, if you are not sure about the email marketing 2017 and 2018 trends then do not worry, we are here to help you.


The email marketing effectively helps in reaching the target audience faster than you can think of if the email campaigns utilize the option of segmentation.

Following the email marketing trends, it is important to stay updated with the huge line of competitors out there. If you are facing a problem with email marketing and social media trends then it is the time, you contact us right now. Do not wait and avail our services at client studio. It will surely be the best experience.

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