Most of our clients have a very common demand among them: a mobile version of their website. And why shouldn’t they? After all, our mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, iPads, Kindles etc are all more accessible than personal computers.

But there are so many devices and so many resolutions available, its almost impracticable, if not impossible to create a website version for each of them. In our experience, the field of Web design is rapidly reaching the point where it is unable with this endless influx of devices.

Pretty soon, we may even have to develop website versions for a new breed of devices as well.

But should our clients suffer from loss of visitors of one particular device against gaining others of another device? This is where Responsive Web design comes in as a solution.

What is Responsive Web design anyway?

Responsive Web design is an approach based on designing and developing a website that should respond to a user’s environment and behavior based on orientation, platform and screen size.

This is achieved through a mix of flexible layouts and grids, intelligent CSS media queries and images. Ideally, if a user switches from his or her laptop to a tablet, the website should automatically switch too.

By switching we mean accommodating scripting ability, resolution and image size.

In simple terms, a website should ideally have the technology to respond automatically to user preferences.

Respond being the key term here. This means there will be no need for a separate website version (involving extensive design and development) for each new device.

Why do I need Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web design boosts your rate of conversions across tablets, mobile devices and desktops Recent advances have allowed us to make things much more flexible than they used to be. Client Studio offers a structured approach to your web design needs. We make sure your website will adapt responsively to each unique device accessing your content.

You need a website design that’s responsive because:

  • Rapidly growing mobile usage means smartphones are more likely to be used to access your website
  • It is efficient in terms of cost as well as time. One design fits all!
  • Google ranks and indexes websites with priority being given to mobile rankings. Without a mobile responsive version, you will miss out on the “mobile first index” approach

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