PPC Marketing

Paid Search is the polar opposite of SEO. Where SEO employs the use of techniques to organically increase your ranking and traffic, Paid Search or PPC makes you appear on top for specific search terms. Paid search engine marketing is one of the few ways you can quickly get quantifiable results in a very cost-efficient manner. This is a blessing for businesses that do not naturally rank for a specific search term today. And this is where our team of PPC managers can really help you get a better ROI on what you’re spending on paid search advertising.

We specialize in properly structured paid search marketing campaigns that can test specific search terms, drive sales and raise awareness. All this on a pay-per-click or a PPC basis. The best thing about PPC is that you pay for targeted traffic to your website instead of just impressions. We make use of a quantitative and disciplined approach to paid search marketing with focus on delivering a positive ROI to our clients. Client Studio keeps click costs down and volume high by making use of our team’s expertise in targeting and tracking tactics. When this is combined with our conversion optimization and landing pages, we help our clients see definable growth and results.What we do is cherry-pick the absolute best traffic from popular search engines and turn them into your valued customers.

Our staff has a cumulative expertise in Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google Search Advertising, Google Mobile Advertising, and is passionate in applying this expertise to the purpose of making your business grow.

What you can expect from Client Studio handling your Paid Search campaigns:

  • Transparent reporting
  • Constant adjustment and optimization of the overall campaign
  • Full access to our campaign tactics and objectives
  • Access to tests
  • Analytics to measure progress.

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