Will local SEO help your business?

Without getting into too many technical specifics, local SEO can really help your business grow and make a nice return on your investment.

Searches including the term “near me” have doubled over the past year.

Additionally 72% of consumers who performed a local search went shopping within a 5 mile radius.

Some of the benefits to our clients from our local SEO services are:

  • They are trackable, so you always know what’s going on
  • Increased web traffic because of increased visibility
  • More foot traffic to your physical location

If you believe that your local business could benefit from exposure and an increase in revenue, get in touch with Client Studio. We are happy to give you a free quote and a rundown on the services that could work best for you.

Step-by-step Process Our 4 STEPS to SEO Success


Research Project


Find Keywords




Reach Target

COMPARISION TABLE Local SEO Pricing & Packages


Monthly Fee
  • 5 Pages Optimized
  • 1 Page Copy
  • 5 Titles Optimized
  • 5 Meta Descriptions
  • 5 Meta Keywords
  • 5 URL Rewrites
  • 1 Magazine / News
  • 0 Blog Post Outreach
  • 5 Addtl Business Listings
  • 5 Keywords Targeted
  • 1 Keyword Group
  • 1,000 KW Search Volume


Monthly Fee
  • 10 Pages Optimized
  • 3 Pages Copy
  • 10 Titles Optimized
  • 10 Meta Descriptions
  • 10 Meta Keywords
  • 10 URL Rewrites
  • 1 Magazine / News
  • 1 Blog Post Outreach
  • 10 Addtl Business Listings
  • 10 Keywords Targeted
  • 2 Keyword Groups
  • 2,000 KW Search Volume


Monthly Fee
  • 20 Pages Optimized
  • 7 Pages Copy
  • 20 Titles Optimized
  • 20 Meta Descriptions
  • 20 Meta Keywords
  • 20 URL Rewrites
  • 2 Magazine/ News
  • 1 Blog Post Outreach
  • 20 Addtl Business Listings
  • 20 Keywords Targeted
  • 4 Keyword Groups
  • 4,000 KW Search Volume


Monthly Fee
  • 30 Pages Optimized
  • 10 Pages Copy
  • 30 Titles Optimized
  • 30 Meta Descriptions
  • 30 Meta Keywords
  • 30 URL Rewrites
  • 2 Magazine News
  • 2 Blog Post Outreach
  • 30 Addtl Business Listings
  • 30 Keywords Targeted
  • 6 Keyword Groups
  • 6,000 KW Search Volume

The field of Search Engine Optimization has gained a lot of traction over the last few years. SEO offers businesses with even limited resources opportunities to improve their rankings on search engines. This means that, if you’re doing the right SEO, your website will rank more for relevancy and will be shown more frequently as a result to relevant queries. In short, better rankings, better visibility. And we all know better visibility translates into more traffic and ultimately more revenue. The SEO industry in the US is currently worth over $65 billion and it just keeps growing. Businesses in the US have spent $68.8 billion in SEO last year alone. But while big businesses have all the necessary budgets, Client Studio focuses on SEO services for local businesses.

We handcraft local SEO strategies designed to help local businesses increase their visibility, reach a wider audience and earn more revenue. Our Local SEO services are perfect for businesses looking for visibility in their specific geographic area. These tailored services are meant to be the best fit for your particular business.

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