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Here at Client Studio, we specialize in helping businesses build meaningful connections with their customers. One of the ways we do this is through extremely smart email marketing. We help you explore marketing campaigns with segmentation, campaign editing and analytics. We are with you every step of the way to help build an email marketing campaign tailored around your business needs. We make it possible for you to send targeted and personalized emails to your list and refine and adapt with different tests. Our ultimate goal is to help you gain valuable insights into your campaign and use them to drive the results you want.

It’s 2018. If you feel email marketing is indeed a priority for you, we are just a call away. Just pick up the phone and dial our number to discuss an email marketing campaign for your business.

Emails have been around since the internet became accessible to the public. But most businesses are under-utilizing the awesome marketing potential of a structured email campaign. What is email marketing, you ask? For one thing, email marketing is one of the most cost effective tools available to marketers. For another, email marketing campaigns are manageable and controllable. And finally, they allow you to make direct contact with your audience.

What can email marketing do for my business?

Email is essentially another tool to get your marketing message across to your audience. In the frantically fast-paced digital age, email lets you have conversational and open communication with your customers. But there are numerous other benefits to any business from email marketing, such as:

  • Email marketing is both budget and environment friendly, saving your business designing, printing and distribution resources
  • It gets your brand name and image out in front of your audience, building recognition and awareness
  • It helps you interactively connect with your target market with meaningful and regular communication
  • Good quality, consistent email marketing can really do wonders for building your brand’s credibility
  • It is an easy and convenient way to educate your customers, keeping them up to date on your product or service
  • Email newsletters help generate new opportunities like strategic partnerships, media and PR coverage, joint ventures and more
  • If your email list grows substantially, you can use your email newsletter to sell ad space, adding a second stream of revenue
  • Reach a wider audience by gaining exposure and visibility

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