Search Engine Optimization and Certain Misconceptions about it

Search Engine Optimization

SEO concerns and controls the traffic on your website. Using search engine organic results, not only increases the quantity of traffic but also the quality traffic on your website. The working of Search Engine Optimization may seem easy but it has some complex mechanism of drawing all the related information the visitors need regarding their content.

The crawler present in every search engine finds all the data that is available on the internet that you need. It then brings back the 1s and 0s on the search engine and helps to build the index. To match the data with your query, the feeding of index through the algorithm takes place.

Still, some of the misconceptions do prevail regarding SEO around the world that people should avoid.

Links and Keywords are Important

Although these two play an important role in the SEO optimization that does not mean that they are the only factors. Other factors include how famous your content is on the internet and the optimization through mobile. Search Engine marketing and content marketing are also essential.

Google is dealing with the queries of the people in a better way. It does links to the keyword density of your content whether its usage occurs in the title or not. Besides, focusing on these creates content that people like to search and share. It must be the way that people must share it with their social circle. Therefore, content marketing for social shares is equally important.

For On-page SEO, Subheaders are Important

A number of varying opinions prevail over this around the world. Subheaders that range from H2 to H6 do have some importance in terms of the meaning, accessibility, content or the experience of users but do not hold much importance when dealing with SEO Google. On the other hand, the H1 subheading does have some importance but that is also limited.

Organic Rankings Link with Paid Search

This is one of the greatest misconceptions that links with Search Engine Optimization. However, it is not possible to neglect it all at once, as it has correlations. A landing page will carry more paid research that focuses on the page that will not only help in decreasing the bounce rate, increase time on page and increase the number of views on the page. This will also help in increasing the number of pages.

All that Matters is the Content

According to most of the people, the addition of blogs on their sites will help them attract more viewers to their content. Try creating content that is unique and contains highly informative infographics. The more useful and full of information your content is, the more people will search it out. This will help in creating amazing backlinks on your site.

Do not just rush to duplicating the content. This will yield nothing. Create your own amazing content and see the results!

Search Engine Optimization is Obsolete

This holds great importance for people who deal with the marketing websites. SEO Google frequently makes changes regarding their search engine. Before making any decision about the following SEO or quitting it, you must be aware of the total percentage of the traffic that visits your content and comes from the organic search.

If you are curious to know about the percentage of your traffic that comes from organic sources, you have to follow a series of simple steps. These steps will help you decide that whether you have to abandon SEO or not. Every site has analytics installed and if you have any, login to it, press the acquisition tab and then view the percentage of the traffic. The results will appear in the form of pie charts. SEO has a large impact on the organic research.

SEO practices are same for the meta-description tags and titles for over years. While searching out on the internet, the first thing that the user encounters is the title tag, the URL, and then the description. This depends solely on what the user is searching. Intriguing tags of description and tile will get you more clicks as compared to your competitors.

Many of the Search Engine Optimization practices are not in use today. With the passage of time, they have become outdated.

Many changes occur in Search Engine Optimization policies with time. Most of the websites are unable to cope up with the speed because all they think of is follow the trends. A common example of this is the formation of the backlinks on the site regardless of from where they came from. Therefore, in order to improve the results of SEO optimization, the site owners must focus on increasing and improving the ranking of the site. Not fall for the trends that can impart negative results on the ranking of their site in the future, and will help in search engine marketing.

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